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11:00pm - 19:00pm


Hydrotherapy 60mins €110

A complete and specialized facial treatment that relieves from thirst and moisturizes while simulates the proteins that contribute to cellular cohesion for strengthening of the skin. Feel it pure, moisturized and radiant.

Sensitive Care 60mins €110

An ideal treatment for sensitive or sun-kissed skin, that calms and reliefs immediately. Acts instantly on irritations due to the great composition of soothing ingredients. Water from sea springs, algae sugars and coral extracts reassuring a smooth, fresh skin.

Aegean Grape Freshness 60mins €110

Antioxidant facial treatment with red grape stem cells, vitamin E, hexapeptide and bio saccharide will give your skin deep hydration, regain elasticity, anti-age protection and wrinkle reduction while your skin looks shiny and refreshed.




Jetlag 60mins €90

 A combination for travellers focused on relief muscle and restore balance



Swedish Relaxing Massage 60mins €95

A pure relaxing experience using our Massage Oil infused with Olive oil extracts, using techniques that push blood in the direction of the heart focusing on combating stress and relaxing mind and body. Your circulation and lymph system is boosted and this massage can help with chronic pains adjusting pressure according to your needs. Using 100% Vegan Friendly and 100% natural body oil is a wonderful blend of Lavender &Wheatgerm that work as a natural moisturiser and promoting antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

Choose between the 30mins back or 60mins full body or even 90mins with the addition of Head & ScalpMassage.


Aroma Dream 60mins €95

The experience of reawakening your senses starts with scented raindrops all over your face and body, followed by a soft massage with the healing benefits of essential oils for total relaxation.

Coconut 60mins €100

An excellent moisturizer and anti-inflammatory treatment with raw organic coconut oil. Rich in Vitamin D.


Deep Tissue 60mins €100

An effective combination of deep tissue massage techniques in order to work into the muscles, relief from pain and tension, adjusted to your personal needs.


Delos Energy Singing Bowl 60mins €105

A relaxing spiritual experience focused on energy, followed by singing bowl vibration, heating mud on the waist area, binaural acoustic waves and light touched massage, helps bring you to a more restful, uplifted state of mind.

Four Hands Massage 60mins €150

The most absolute intense experience. Four hands working together synchronized both sides of your body. One of a kind luxury massage journeys.




Head and face Massage 30min € 50 

A relaxing massage treatment focusing on the head‘s pressure points offers spiritual relaxation, and calmness, ideal for relieving stress.
The antiaging secret to looking smoother and glower.

Foot Revival 45min € 75

 A treatment with marine flavonoids that stimulates blood microcirculation, reinforces capillary tone and relieves tired legs. Followed by a peeling with crystal salts,
a fresh gel mask from feet to thighs and a healing massage will rejuvenate your legs again.

Back & Neck 30min € 55 

The perfect treatment for the back, neck, waist and arms. Soothes and calms pains and stress, reduces tension and improves blood circulation.

Marine Body Scrub 45min   € 70 

This rich cream scrub helps prevent cellular fatigue  while gently cleanses and exfoliates to reveal cleaner and soſter skin. The texture is refined

and the complexion is radiant. Ready to enjoy summer vacations.



Cupping Massage 60mins €100

For cellulite or muscle problems. Drastic reduction of cellulite from the very first treatment session. Also increases blood circulation, loose muscle spasms and releases tension.

Moxa Treatment 60mins €100

A traditional therapy utilizing moxa or artemisia herb. Used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points including a smoother flow of blood and qi. Ideal for cold or stagnant conditions.

Rehabilitation Massage 60mins €110

A great treatment to enhance your rehabilitation. The mobilization of soft tissue in order to restore normal systemic and biomechanical-functional use. It can be used to assist in the treatment of most Musculoskeletal and associated problems. For chronic injuries, problematic areas, frozen shoulder etc.



Hippocrates as the father of physicians had 135€ high regard for massage. It was one of the primary treatments provided at the greek gymnasiums & baths. Anatripsis was one of his technics (meaning “to rub up”). A combination of pressures on dry skin, brushing with talk powder, cupping in acupuncture points, frictions “thopies” and joints mobilization, along with olive oil, therapeutic herbs and essential oils to body and head will regain mental and physical balance.

AEGEAN GRAPE 1h30min € 135 

Body scrub/body massage/facial treatment. 140€ Perfumed with the Greek summer memories. From the Greek winery Avantis Lenga Grape Spa products. Enjoy an innovative treatment and pamper yourself with wine & grape cosmetics with stem cells, polyphenols, resveratrols, grape water & vitamins. Let them reinforce, tone and moisturize your skin with all grapes' advantages.

DELUXE CIEL 1h30min € 190 

 Facial treatment/body scrub/body wrap. This superior treatment with active components of marine wealth will help you detox, revitalize, and boost your body while discharging all the toxins. A deep facial treatment based on sea zeolites and oxygenol will be your skin's elixir. Your body will experience a deep exfoliation, a thermal cocoon with thousands of active microcapsules that release sea ingredients and a cryotonic mask with all the benefits of sea treasures. This journey will whisk you away to a world of relaxation and will also restore your body and skin.


HIS & HERS RETREAT 1h30min € 130 

 Skin brushing/body massage/ mini facial treatment. A royal experience from head to toe with a combination of several extravagant treatments in one escape.
Skin brushing, Swedish massage and a mini facial treatment will give fresh and renewed skin.





Complete Relax and Smooth 2hours €210

  • Swedish relaxing massage

  •  Full Body Carob Scrub

  • Speedy RadianceFacial



Spa Love Birds 2hours 30mins €500 (for both)

  • Full Body Carob Scrub

  • Choice of 60mins Massage

  • Choice of 60minsFacial



Anti-Ageing 2 Day Booster Top-To-Toe €380 Day 1

  • Full Body Carob Scrub

  • Lift & SculptFacial

Day 2

  • Lift & SculptFacial

  • Swedish relaxing massage






Please ask about our Manicure, Pedicure Services & Waxing Services.


Fitness Personal Training Sessions upon Request












  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment. Prior to your treatment, you will be requested to complete a health form.

  • We request a minimum of 4 hours cancellation notice for a single treatment or 24 hours advance notice for rituals.

  • ​Without notification, you will be charged for the scheduled treatment. Being late for your appointment may shorten the length of your treatment.


  • Please remove your jewellery and clothing except for underwear before each treatment.

  • For some treatments, you will be provided with disposable underwear by your therapist. Please make sure that your valuables are kept in your room. The hotel will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal possessions.


  • ​During treatments, please let your therapist know whether you feel comfortable or not, too warm or too cold and whether the room temperature satisfies you. Your comfort is our greatest concern and priority.

  • ​If you have a particular injury or pain, please share it with your therapist. In this way, they can suggest appropriate adjustments to the treatment for your comfort.

  • ​There is no pressure to talk with your therapist during the treatment. This is entirely up to you. If you have any questions or queries, our therapists are willing to answer them. In case you are silent, they will be too.

  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the Spa area.Besides, you came here to ease your body and mind.

  • We are here to relieve you of the stress of every day and offer your moments of relaxation!



We remind you that smoking is not permitted in the Spa area.

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